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Posted by Bo | January 14th, 2015

Snead Island Boat Works Photo

Having taken an epic nap the prior evening, I wasn’t surprised to be wide awake in the fours. I fired up my iPhone hotspot to do some early morning browsing of the topic that’d been on my mind the night before.

Motor Mounts.

Once I exhausted that subject and a few others, I fired up the coffee maker and opened the hatch to confirm that the boat and I were still in the same location where we fell asleep.

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What went right and what went wrong–generator mount edition.

Posted by Bo | January 13th, 2015

Rusted Generator Mount

Last post I wrote about the passage my friend Randy and I made across the Gulf of Mexico. A lot went right, but a few things went wrong, so I’d like to do a little processing here if you’ll indulge me.

What went right…

We safely crossed a 360 mile stretch of water. I was offshore for 78 hours, 30 longer than my previous longest crossing. We had a good forecast of 10-15kt wind & 3-5′ seas for the next 4 days (although the forecast ended up being very inaccurate).

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78 hours, 20′ waves, gusts to 35, and my best crossing yet.

Posted by Bo | December 31st, 2014

Perdido Bay Sunrise

At 0550 on Saturday Dec 6th, we cast off from Bear Point Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama onto a glassy Perdido Bay with the full moon off the stern rail and rising sun off the bow pulpit. We raised the main and mizzen as an outgoing tide pushed us out of Pensacola Pass head first into rocky 3-5′ seas.

My crew, Randy, and I had a few goals for this trip to Florida’s west coast. I had never been offshore longer than 48 hours, so at an estimated 72 hours, this would be my longest crossing to date. We also were committed to sailing as much as possible–most crossings of this sort turn into motorboat rides and that wasn’t our intention.

We aimed for this to be both a delivery and a shakedown cruise. We wanted to sail as much as possible and see what broke.

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Quick Update: Batteries are done & we’re headed south!

Posted by Bo | December 6th, 2014

SailingBo headed south.

Just a quick update…more detail to come eventually, but we wrapped up the installation of new batteries on the boat yesterday, so this morning we’re heading south!

I had decided to remove the huge 8D batteries that were about 6 years old and replace them with golf cart batteries. By my estimation, 6 golf cart batteries would fit in the same footprint as the 8D’s, yet pack twice the power. I got a little carried away and bought 12 batteries.

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Book Review: The Happiness of Pursuit

Posted by Bo | November 13th, 2014

Book Review: Happiness of Pursuit

When I was a kid, the greatest adventure I knew was trying to avoid my canine nemesis, Bruno, on the walk home every day from Elm Street Elementary. The cool kids were the ones who were dominate at video games, it seemed. Sure, there were books about adventure, but those were written by book people, and back then, published book people were the esteemed literati, not regular people like me.

Then came the internet and it was suddenly easy to find stories of people who were living life differently–lives of non-conformity, if you will. People like Corbett Barr, Tim Ferris, Colin Wright, and the guy I’m talking about today, Chris Guillebeau. These were just normal people who were living real life adventure, not just video game adventure.

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