1. Give a speech to more than 500 people. (Done. On a beautiful Sunday in Portland, Oregon in front of the 2800 incredible people who made up #WDS2013.)
  2. Learn to play the guitar and spend an afternoon singing as a street performer.
  3. Learn enough Spanish to carry a 5 minute conversation with a stranger.
  4. Get an article published in the Newnan Times Herald.
  5. Cook a Low Country Boil for more than 10 people. (Thanks to all of my Auburn friends, this was checked off on a very cold night in January.)
  6. Live outside the US for 6 months.
  7. Couchsurf.
  8. For-real surf.
  9. Ride a bike across a country.
  10. Complete the MatadorU Travel Writing course. (in progress)
  11. Go to a rave.
  12. Play a round of golf at Pebble Beach.
  13. Become debt free. (Done, May 11, 2010!)
  14. Visit Silicon Valley. (Done, Sept. 2011. Post here.)
  15. Write a letter/email to Tim Cook.
  16. Participate in Burning Man.
  17. Give, or at least attend a TED Talk.
  18. Publish a book and sell more than 100 copies.
  19. Spend a night on a beach.
  20. Read the entire Bible.
  21. Catch a fly bare handed. (In the Regal 8 Motel in Tucson, Arizona. Here’s video. And a picture.)
  22. Kayak under a waterfall.
  23. Learn how to swim…like for real swim, not doggy-paddle swim.
  24. Use a semicolon; properly. (Done. See this post. It was verified by @20littlepiggies and @VaughnMom!)
  25. Get my Captains license.
  26. Fly a seaplane.
  27. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
  28. Attend SXSW.
  29. Ride in a helicopter. (Done. Special thanks to some awesome folks like @toldbycole @ the SEC. Post & video Here.)
  30. Give away a million dollars.
  31. Sail around the world.
  32. Ride a boat through the Panama Canal.
  33. Sleep in a hammock in the San Blas islands.
  34. Swim with a sea turtle in the Galapagos Islands.
  35. Play rugby in New Zealand.
  36. Tweet from the Equator.
  37. Start a fire without a match.
  38. Attend Junkanoo. (Done. Kinda.)
  39. Be in a huge food fight.
  40. Attend a religious service in 5 different countries.
  41. Weigh 185 lbs again.
  42. Learn to use a sextant.
  43. Attend “An Event Apart”.
  44. Run a whole marathon.
  45. Write something in my journal at least once a day, every day for a month.
  46. Spend the night in an Ice Hotel.
  47. Show up at the airport and take the first available flight to somewhere I haven’t been.
  48. Create/produce or star in a video that goes viral & gets more than 1 million views. (The closest I’ve gotten is producing this video and this one. Still have a ways to go though.)
  49. Get married. And stay that way.
  50. Live in a house unreachable by car.
  51. Smoke a Cuban cigar. (Done, thanks to @seatonob. Photo here.)
  52. Solve a Rubik’s cube. (Done. Thanks to @smiley_reilee for giving me a cube for my birthday!)
  53. Karaoke “God Bless the USA.”
  54. Witness a Mobile Bay Jubilee.
  55. Watch the sunrise every day for a week. (Done. 5 Sunrises at Hotel Sak’Cari in San Pedro, Guatemala and 2 on the roof of a hotel in Nebaj, Guatemala. Sak’Cari means “Sunrise” in the local Mayan language.)
  56. Watch the sunset every day for a week.
  57. See the Northern Lights.
  58. Buy Andy Andrews coffee.
  59. Meet Bob Goff.
  60. Celebrate New Years in 2 or more countries on the same day.
  61. Sign my name on Auburn’s Samford Hall clock tower.
  62. Participate in a flash mob.
  63. Own less than 100 things.
  64. Take 1 picture every day for a year.
  65. Meet 5 Twitter friends IRL.
  66. Earn $5000 online.
  67. Earn 6-figures in a year. (Before taxes, anyway…)
  68. Ride on a Zamboni.
  69. Own a Jeep.
  70. Teach a bird to talk.
  71. Save a life.
  72. Ride a bull.
  73. Get a tattoo.
  74. Learn to knife fight.
  75. Wave the checkered flag at a race.
  76. Write a letter to younger me.
  77. Write a letter to older me.
  78. Cook a meal on hot lava.
  79. Catch a foul ball.
  80. Write a handwritten note every day for a week; month; year.
  81. Read a random magazine every month for a year.
  82. Sign a book (my book?) at Powell’s World of Books.
  83. Experience bottle service in Vegas.
  84. Crash a wedding.
  85. Watch a solar eclipse.
  86. Have a meal named after me.
  87. Hug a koala.
  88. Hold the title Commissioner
  89. Own part of a sports team.
  90. See the green flash.

Ok…so that’s my bucket list. Do you have one? Post a link in the comments!