A few years ago I spent several months throwing ideas into a notepad file and before I knew it I had a bucket list.

Not long after that I quit my job to pursue #31: Sail Around the World. I didn’t grow up sailing & I’m still trying to figure it out, but I’m closer to casting off than I’ve ever been.

Estimated departure, Fall 2014/Winter 2015.

This site is my attempt at becoming a better writer and keeping a journal of the trials and adventures along the way.

Sometimes I post scary personal meaningful things & sometimes I post videos about sailing. Occasionally I’ll even post something about work.

It’d be rad if you shared your email address with me so I could send you a love letter every now and then, or you can send me one if you’d like to. Love at sailingbo dot com

Currently I spend a good bit of time on the Twitter or the ‘gram and you’ll also probably find me over on Facebook.

Where to begin?

How about one of my bucket list posts?

Or one of the most popular?

The Sailboat, you ask?

She’s a beaut. She’s a Brewer 42 built in Ft. Myers, Florida in 1984, around the time I was turning a year old.

Back in the early 2000’s a nice couple from Texas sailed her all around the Caribbean. These days she lives in Orange Beach, Alabama as I sail her and get her ready for the big voyage. If you catch me when I’m in town, let’s go sailing.

Want a tour? Video here. Or, you can watch my two friends Randy and Mark and me bring her up to OB from Sarasota, Florida.

Want to hear more about my upcoming around the world journey or even join in on the story? Sponsor a mile and I’ll send you post cards and updates from around the world!

The thing I’m most excited about? I’m working on a curriculum so students can follow my journey and learn about the people and places I encounter along the way.

What about the real world?

I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2005, and after a brief stint at the Atlanta Braves Radio Network, I pursued a career in video production. I was fortunate to find a role with a videoboard company based in South Dakota, Daktronics Inc., where I developed a specialty in videoboard production.

I’ve worked mainly in live events, building a resume that includes clients such as The Today Show, the Carolina Panthers, San Diego Padres, Golden State Warriors, Colorado Rockies, Stanford Cardinal, Oklahoma Sooners, Auburn Tigers, and countless events including The Final Four, two BCS National Championship Games, SEC Basketball & Baseball Tournaments, Super Bowl XLVII, and most recently the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Behind the Scenes Stuff

This blog is designed and built by Bethany Heck and myself as a custom theme for WordPress and is hosted on the Rackspace Cloud. The SailingBo sailboat logo was created by Colin Wright.

All photos on the site were taken by me unless otherwise noted. I currently do not accept paid ads, however I do occasionally endorse products and services I love.

Sail on, sailor!