Snead Island Boat Works Photo

Having taken an epic nap the prior evening, I wasn’t surprised to be wide awake in the fours. I fired up my iPhone hotspot to do some early morning browsing of the topic that’d been on my mind the night before.

Motor Mounts.

Once I exhausted that subject and a few others, I fired up the coffee maker and opened the hatch to confirm that the boat and I were still in the same location where we fell asleep.

Hashtag sailor problems.

Boat at dock

Indeed we were, that location being Slip 84 (aka Mosquito Central) at Snead Island Boat Works in Palmetto, Florida. Coffee in hand, I hopped off the boat and took a meander through the boat yard. The golden light of dawn illuminating the old aluminum, rust lined boat houses stood in stark contrast to yesterday’s gloominess.

Docked sailboat

It was a ripe opportunity to take in the quiet stillness of a place that would shortly become a symphony of power tools, travelifts, golf carts, and diesel engines. So many boats with so many stories, each representing someone’s dream–past, present, or future.

This boat yard is somewhere near a hundred years old. That’s a lot of stories. A lot of dreams.

Boats bows

They must know what they’re doing though, because only about six hours after the symphony began, the head mechanic, Roger, looked at me and said she was all finished.


The generator that had broken loose from her rusty mounts…the one that Randy and I spent days devising a strategy to fix before throwing in the towel?

Generator Mounts

He fixed had it fixed before lunch.

Generator Mount

It took him even less time to make me feel like the amateur that I am.