Last weekend, in front of over a hundred family & friends, I married my best friend. Thus checking #49 off my bucket list.

Contrary to what you might expect, however, this isn’t the end of SailingBo. In fact, it’s actually the beginning of Sailing B+A, as Allison will join me in my dream to spend the next few years sailing.

We’ve sold most of her stuff and moved the rest to her sister’s basement in Ohio. Allison’s now a full-time sailboat live-aboard. We’re a week in, and neither of us had tried to drown the other yet.

So far so good.

We have a few things going on during the next couple of weeks (hello honeymoon!), but we’ll soon become active cruisers with the Florida Keys being our first destination. The tentative plan is to make it down around Florida, then up the East Coast towards North Carolina or Virginia by the end of July. We’ll park the boat for a few months to travel for work, then pick it back up in November through the Bahamas towards the Virgin Islands.

While I’ll still occasionally post thoughts & such here at, there’s a new site that will be the home base for our cruising life.

Visit for all the goodies relating to our cruising life. Also, Facebook.

Now that we’ll be actively traveling, we’ll also be relaunching our Junior Captains program for elementary aged kids to follow the journey around the world. It’s going to be a grand adventure…follow along!