Olympic Rings and Torch

I’m a bit behind on my year-in-review post, but I’ve done them for each of the past several years, so I didn’t want to leave this year out. It’s certainly been the most pivotal yet.

The year started with incredible work opportunities; two bowl games, including the BCS National Championship in Pasadena, then the winter olympics. The. Winter. Freakin. Olympics.

I drank vodka in Russia, wine in France, Heineken in Amsterdam, Yuengling in Pennsylvania, and bourbon in Kentucky. I sat in the same room as Vladimir Putin, although he disappointingly was wearing a shirt. I was, however, flogged in a Russian sauna with birch leaves by a man who was not. And I was reminded, yet again, that despite differences in locations, cultures, and governments, people are generally awesome.


I had dinner with my friend from Virginia’s Russian penpal from 6th grade–in Moscow. I was snowed on in Red Square and rained on beside the River Seine.

Bo in Red Square

The Mona Lisa watched me admire the Wedding at Cana.

Wedding At Cana

I ate a cheesesteak in Philly, lobster roll in Maine, turkey leg at the Magic Kingdom, horse sausage in Sochi, fish & chips in Hyde Park, and a crepe in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

I rode a train through the Chunnel, kayaked the Potomac, and flew a helicopter past #29 on my bucket list.


I undertook–and completed–a massive refit on my sailboat and still managed to go sailing over 100 days last year.


I became an uncle! I’ve gotten to watch my baby sister become an incredible mother, my middle sister move into a house she calls her own, and my parents become both empty-nesters and grandparents.

Baby Ruthie

And after years of talking about it, I launched the curriculum project that will help carry me, and hundreds of kids through the power of the internet, around the world by sail.

Junior Captains

Of all these things, I’m eternally greatful. It’s no doubt been a most incredible year.

But everything listed so far pales in comparison to the greatest, most life altering event of my 2014.

I met a girl.


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