SailingBo headed south.

Just a quick update…more detail to come eventually, but we wrapped up the installation of new batteries on the boat yesterday, so this morning we’re heading south!

I had decided to remove the huge 8D batteries that were about 6 years old and replace them with golf cart batteries. By my estimation, 6 golf cart batteries would fit in the same footprint as the 8D’s, yet pack twice the power. I got a little carried away and bought 12 batteries.

We completely tore up the tool bench/spare parts area starboard of the engine room and built a box to hold the 6 additional batteries. Ultimately I only had room for 10 batteries total, so I have to figure out what I’m going to do with the other two.

For now though, my friend Randy and I are going to go south until it gets warm, then bang a left. The rhumb line will likely be Charlotte Harbor on the west coast of Florida, but we may end up in the Dry Tortugas or Key West if the wind is right. Then we’ll spend a week or so getting some projects knocked out before flying home for Christmas festivities.
Fishing Lure
Our friend Philip tossed us a nice fishing rig and some lures, so maybe we’ll figure out how to use them along the way. Best estimate puts us in Charlotte Harbor in 72 hours, but who knows what’ll happen.

You’ll be able to track us along the way at

Oh! I almost forgot! We’ve launched the Junior Captains program for Christmas, so check it out and sign a kid up to follow us as we’re sailing next year!

Bo is currently based in Orange Beach, Alabama working towards checking #31 off his bucket list. If you’d like to be a part of the adventure, consider sponsoring a mile. To get more info on the curriculum, sign up here.