In the past year, I’ve met some pretty incredible people. There have been several of them though, who feel stuck. They don’t think their careers are going anywhere. They don’t feel like they’re accomplishing anything. There’s no direction in their life.

This is normally followed by a “You’re lucky. I wish I had a dream like you do. I wish I was passionate about something like you are.” type comment.

It’s still funny for me to think about now because 5 or 6 years ago I would have said the same thing as them. I was performing a job I enjoyed, but had no real growth path. I wasn’t unhappy, but neither was I content to stay there for 30 years.

I felt stuck. There had to be more.

Three years later, I’m thoroughly enjoying my version of more.

So I love hearing them talk about being stuck. I love the fact that they’re expressing their discontent. They can’t see it yet, but wanting something more is the first step towards awesomeness.

Whatever their version of awesomeness ends up being.

“But I don’t have any dreams. I’m not really passionate about anything.”

That’s crap.

Your dream is in there, it’s just buried so far under the list of things everybody else expects you to be & do, you’ve lost track of it.

In the heart of my discontentment stage, over a period of several months, I drew up my bucket list. It was a lofty list–still is. There were things on the list I never knew I’d actually accomplish (#1, for one).

Still are.

The thing I loved about the list is that it clarified a lot about what I envisioned a successful life would look like. It brought into clear focus some major things that I wanted to accomplish, even if I didn’t exactly know they were goals before making the list.

I’d often toyed with the idea of sailing around the world since I read that book in college I told you about (Maiden Voyage). It wasn’t until I saw 15 things on my list referenced a round-the-world trip that I knew how serious I was about doing it.

They say it’s easier to run towards something than away from something. It’s absolutely true. Set a goal. Don’t have a goal? Set 50 of them…that’s what I did. Somewhere along the way you’ll find your passion.

So that’s my wish for everybody in 2013 who felt stuck. Make a list. Set some goals. Find your passion.

Dream big. Live it. Unstuck.

I haven’t added anything to the bucket list since New Years 2011. Today, I’ve added 22 items.

Have you made a bucket list recently? Shoot me a note (bo at sailingbo dot com). I’d love to hear about it!

Photo: A beautiful sunset over Ross Barnett Reservoir I enjoyed with the fam over Christmas.

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