Bo and Travis Sherry

Remember last summer when you probably got sick of the WDS Conference I wrote so many posts about? Well, I go back to Portland next week for WDS 2014, so brace yourself.

But before then, I have a funny story. After I spoke last year, apparently lots of people walked up to this guy Travis Sherry wanting to talk to him about his dream of sailing. It turned out that they all thought he was me! So we met up at the closing party and continued to confuse everyone there.

While Trav isn’t planning to sail any time soon, he does run the #1 rated travel podcast on iTunes, Extra Pack of Peanuts, and is killing it right now.

I got to chat with him for a while earlier this week about dreams, bucket lists, & travel mishaps. It’s 33 minutes of podcast gold, check it out!

Listen to EPoP here!

Photo is of Bo & Travis @ the WDS 2013 Closing Party in Portland Oregon

Bo is currently based in Orange Beach, Alabama working towards checking #31 off his bucket list. If you’d like to be a part of the adventure, consider sponsoring a mile. To get more info on the curriculum, sign up here.