Several months ago I was working at the Southeastern Conference’s Baseball Championship Tournament, as I’ve done for the last few years. During one of the games, I was sitting with an old co-worker/friend and the topic of bucket lists came up.

He was going through several tough life changes, and he’d determined that it was time for him to create a list of his own. So there we sat, in the press box at the stadium, him going through my list and me through his.

We were trying to come up with an item or two on both of our lists that could be checked off before week’s end. “#79: Catch a foul ball”, appearing on both our lists, was an obvious choice, though one that proved slightly too difficult to achieve on our stated timeline.

Then he pointed at #29 on my list, “Fly in a Helicopter” and said he had an idea. If he helped me check #29 off my list, it would allow him to check #30 off his.

Several days into the tournament, sitting in the same seats as before, I heard a rumbling sound in left field. A helicopter emerged from over the tree tops and landed on a field behind the baseball stadium. Surely with a ridiculous grin I failed to conceal, I looked over and got the word.

“Grab a camera…you’re our official Tournament Aerial Photographer.”

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Serious thanks to all who were a part of making this happen, especially Cole & Craig, plus Rob, Michael, Ian, and Andrew–The guys who ensured that the production at the tournament went well while I was hovering 1500 feet above.

Bo is currently based in Orange Beach, Alabama working towards checking #31 off his bucket list. If you’d like to be a part of the adventure, consider sponsoring a mile. To get more info on the curriculum, sign up here.