We’d just left work for the day and grabbed a table in the bar area of one of the nicest steakhouses in Silicon Valley. When the hostess walked up and asked “does anybody at this table drive a black Hyundai Sonata?” my first reaction was “Nope…I drive a white Chevy…”


I’m not home. I’m in California. I have a rental car. A black rental car. A black Hyundai rental car that has a ridiculously large percentage of my worldly possessions sitting in the back seat.

“…it may have been broken into…”


Had. Had my stuff in the back seat.

The rest of the hostess’s words were a blur as our table cleared out to check their cars.

This time of year I travel for work, sometimes for weeks at a time. I don’t own a lot of clothes, so I basically pack them all. And I’m a dork, so I travel with lots of gadgets.

I should have been more careful. If only I had taken the extra few seconds to put my bags in the trunk instead of sitting them in the back seat. If only.

In the seat where both my suitcase and computer bag were moments before, sat nothing but a pile of broken glass.

I know on my bucket list #63 is to “Own less than 100 things,” but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

We would later watch the surveillance tape to see a black Escalade pull into the parking space beside my car. A guy hopped out of the back seat, took one lap around my car, then put on a hoodie and proceeded to pry open the window with a screwdriver.

In less than a minute they were on the road with my stuff in their back seat.

Through the magic of the iCloud I actually was able to trace my iPad on Friday morning to a house in south Oakland. As much as I wanted to summon my inner Chuck Norris and get my stuff back renegade style, all I could do was hand the info over to the detective. (“Hey Officer, remember me? I was wearing these clothes yesterday too!”)

I know it’s all just stuff. Computers and clothes and shoes and stuff that can be replaced.

But it sucks that the things I want back the most are the things that will end up in a dumpster. The notebooks and journals I’d been writing in for over a year.

Those are the things I’m sick about. And someday when it becomes funny I’ll tell you about how projectile vomit plays into all of this, but I’m definitely not ready to tell that story yet. That one’ll have to wait.

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