I turned 30 this year, which is a little tough to write. In some ways I’m so far from where I thought I’d be at 30, yet in others I’m in awe of how incredibly blessed and fortunate I’ve been. So as the sun sets on 2013, it’s time for the annual year in review post. (See also 2010, 2011, 2012)

First things first, I checked 4 things off the bucket list! In July I got to give a short speech to the World Domination Summit (#1: Give a speech to more than 500 people), in March, after about 6 months of testing and paperwork I received my USCG Captain’s License in the mail (#25: Get my Captain’s License), in July I sang God Bless the USA to a tiki bar full of family and friends (#53: Karaoke God Bless the USA), and in November my sister and I got to meet Bob Goff at the Love Does Conference (#59: Meet Bob Goff).

On top of those milestones, I traveled over 80,000 miles on 50+ flights, spending more than 100 nights in hotels and 80 days in a rental car. I met some absolutely incredible world changers who I hope to be friends with for many years to come. I got to meet several of my personal heros in Chris Guillebeau, Bob Goff, and Donald Miller.

And I did yoga.Superbowl_Stage

I worked my first Super Bowl, experienced a Mardi Gras in New Orleans, attended 4 conferences (3 of which I knew nobody before showing up) and 2 boat shows. I learned how to drive my own boat, how to troubleshoot a diesel engine and how to start a sailing charter business.

I watched Elton John play Piano Man–on a piano, of course–and heard Hugh Jackman sing Who Am I while sitting in the same room as Marissa Mayer. I helped set a Guinness World Record and fielded a question from John Arrillaga. (He asked me what I was having for lunch. I was having chicken nuggets.)

In San Francisco I ate a hamburger at the Waiheke Island Yacht Club, moments after New Zealand won the Louis Vuitton Cup. I then watched Oracle Team USA lose 3 races and win the fourth before later going on to claim the greatest comeback in sports history by winning the America’s Cup.

I ate a grilled mac & cheese sandwich from a food truck in Austin, saw Ted Turner at Ted’s Montana Grill, drank a Coors in Golden, Colorado, and a Miller in Milwaukee. I joined a mastermind group and get to hang out with 5 people spanning 4 countries each month.

I posted 46 47 entries to, up from only 6 in 2012. I also dusted off my cameras and spent some time editing video, something I’d avoided for nearly 2 years.

I logged over 100 days on a boat and went on two sailing trips that lasted more than a week. I was able to take nearly a hundred people sailing, friends old and new.

Countless sunsets and a record number of sunrises. Magical moonrises that will be forever engrained in memory.

SF SegwaysI spent quality time with the family this year, not only at the Mississippi homestead but in places such as Sarasota, Florida, Orange Beach, Alabama, Washington DC, San Francisco, and wine country. Laughing with my middle sister as she plots her next move. Watching my baby sister and brother-in-law flourish as newlyweds. Taking notes as our parents continue to be the role models we strive to someday become.

Failures? Plenty of those.

There was that little thing about all my stuff getting stolen out of a rental car in Palo Alto.

That sucked.

There was also a morning when I sat behind Andy Andrews on a plane & was too scared to ask if I could buy him a coffee sometime. I didn’t pursue several business opportunities that might have been gold mines and I’m 0 for 687 in completing the book I keep starting.

But I’m afraid my biggest failure this year is as a friend. I’ve lost touch or neglected several people in my life who I consider to be my very best friends. Some who are working through issues I’m unaware of, while others are raising families I know little about.

That’s the toughest part of this wanderlust lifestyle and I’m afraid if I’m not more proactive, it’s only going to get worse the next couple of years.

As for the future, I’m excited to add another several items to the bucket list in a few weeks. I’m making progress on the sailing curriculum thing I’ve been talking about, a project dubbed “Junior Captains”, and I’m closer than I’ve ever been to this dream of sailing around the world.

But let’s save the future talk for after the holidays. For now let’s just reminisce over all the incredible things we’ve experienced the last 12 months, both good and bad.

I’m so thankful for you all…Merry Christmas!

What was a 2013 highlight for you?

Bo is currently based in Orange Beach, Alabama working towards checking #31 off his bucket list. If you’d like to be a part of the adventure, consider sponsoring a mile. To get more info on the curriculum, sign up here.