Sailing Forward

I was going through my photo album from the past year and I couldn’t help but reminisce about what an amazing year it was. Although I neglected writing, 2012 held some pretty exciting moments.

Like when I bought the boat that I believe will take me around the world.


Looking like a fool at a rave. Having a hermit crab named after me. Sneaking into a $100/person NYE party. Getting a tour of all the bars in Oxford, Ohio from a bartender named Sparkles. Going on a Salem Witch Trial Tour with a Wiccan. Releasing a bull from the bull chute at a rodeo. Working on an aircraft carrier. Eating cheesecake in Times Square.

Passing my USCG Captains License exam. Buying a boat. Getting a thai massage from a Mayan in Guatemala. Being bitten by a monkey. Also in Guatemala. Riding Segways in DC. Then in New Orleans. Sneaking into, then becoming a celebrity at, an underground bar in Washington State by claiming to be friends with a Samoan named Olo. Touring Nickelodeon Studios. Buying Cuban cigars in Canada.

Watching my sister get married. Living on a vineyard in California. Buying a boat. Going to a speakers conference, even though 1- I didn’t know a soul there and 2- I’m not even a speaker. Taking a Boston Harbor Duck Tour with a stripper from LA. Riding a train into Grand Central Station. Learning there’s only 1 degree of separation between me and AC Slater. Seriously…only 2 degrees between me and the entire cast of SBTB. And buying a boat.


Meeting and getting to know some of the most amazing people in the world. People who have traveled all over the world and people who want to. People who have become graduates and spouses and parents. All people who influence and inspire me in ways they’d never imagine. And while 2012 wasn’t without its difficulties, loss, & heartache, I am blessed beyond belief.

I hope your memories of the past year are as fond, and I wish you the absolute best for 2013!

Oh, and did I mention that I bought a boat?

(As you might imagine, it was tough to choose one image to best represent the entire year. After going through a few thousand photos, I kept coming back to the only one that made sense. It’s a boat–my boat–moving in the right direction. Forward.)