Snead Island Boatworks

Sunday, in our preparations for the daysail to Clearwater, we noticed a little more diesel in the bilge than we’d like to see.

Any diesel in the bilge is more than you’d like to see.

After taking a good look at it, we decided that instead of pushing on to Clearwater, we should stop on the way at Snead Island Boatworks and let them have a look. If you recall, they did several things to the boat a few months ago & I was very pleased with their work.

I called them first thing on Monday morning and lined it up, so we hopped in the boat and started sailing.

I think I’d told you before that this boat has 3 fuel tanks, totaling somewhere around 190 gallons. Several other Brewer owners had reported issues with the keel tank, so this was something I knew that I would have to deal with at some point.

I had actually hoped to get this checked out when I was at the yard the first time, but we just didn’t get to it then.

On Tuesday we pressure tested all 3 tanks. Both the starboard and port tanks held pressure, but you could actually see bubbles coming from the keel tank lid.

After pumping out a lot of diesel (close to 90 gallons), it was clear there were several pinholes throughout the tank.

Today they sealed that keel tank and we spent a good bit of time cleaning the bilges after that. We think we’ve got the fuel related issues under control, so unless anything else pops up, we’ll be back on the water tomorrow AM.

The tentative schedule as of right now is to leave Snead at 0830 Thursday morning en route to Clearwater Beach. We’ll plan to spend a couple nights in Clearwater and then pick a good weather window to cross the gulf.

We should be on the move tomorrow, tracking with my satellite tracker at