Bo's Captain's License

As you likely know, when I was a junior in college, I took a semester off to sail around Florida. One thing I’ve never really talked about is that for those 6 months, I was technically enrolled in 2 college courses. They were “independent study” type courses, and I was supposed to be mailing lessons back to my teachers every week.

Supposed to.

I learned a lot about myself that summer. And when it came to “independent study” type courses, I learned that I sucked at them. Without somebody pushing me and nagging me and keeping me on track, my tendency was to ignore them in hopes they would just go away. Oh, they eventually went away, alright. In the form of two giant zeros. Factor a couple of zeros into your GPA and see if you still qualify for the HOPE scholarship.

My bad.

I tell you that story to tell you this one.

I’m browsing the internets one day, 8 years later, when I see an ad for an “independent study” type course to pass the US Coast Guard’s Captain’s License tests. Meet #25 on my bucket list. There’re 2 different ways to take your Captain’s License tests. Either you spend 2 weeks going to classes every day, or you take a self-study course and just show up on test day to take the proctored exam.

Occasionally I’ll find a weakness of mine (i.e. independent study courses) and I’ll challenge myself to overcome said weakness. Only, often times my laziness to competitiveness ratio scale tips the wrong way. Or maybe because I get too busy on other, more important, things. That’s it.

Enter Randy. Randy is another marina resident. He’s also a bucket list guy. And it just so happens that getting a captain’s license is on his list too.

If it weren’t for me trying to get my license before Randy (and the fact that there were tiki bar drinks on the line), my 1 year subscription to the self-study course would have expired without me even attempting the test. But we kept each other accountable. I’m proud to say that I passed all the tests last fall and as I type this, despite the fact that the paperwork took forever, this week I opened the package that allowed me to cross #25 off the list!

#25: Get my captain’s license. Done!