WDS 2013 Audience

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. -Eleanor Roosevelt

I believe I’m suffering a little bit of Post-WDS Syndrome. At the World Domination Summit last weekend conversations centered around hopes and dreams and goals and ideas; making the impossible possible and breaking world records.

Speakers and attendees inspired and challenged us alike.

On day 1 Darren Rouse told us all to look at the person sitting next to us and tell them our dream. I heard myself say that my dream was to sail around the world in a way that somehow teaches and inspires others to dream big & then live it. And nobody laughed.

I said my dream out loud and nobody laughed.

Nobody questioned my sanity or doubted my ability to achieve it. They didn’t go back and tell their friends over lunch about how stupid I am or how I’m too idealistic or naive.

Then the next day when I got to share my dream with the entire audience, people came up to me and talked about how I’d inspired them. They discussed ways they could help me and then told me about their dreams and I did the same for them. And this re-inspired me and this vortex of inspiration and encouragement spiraled out of control throughout the entire community.

I’ve been home for a week now and I miss it. I miss the big-idea discussions. So I decided to try and bring WDS home.

WDS 2013Yes, WDS is a gathering, it’s a community, it’s an event. But it’s also a mindset. It’s a commitment to doing big things; a commitment to community, adventure and service.

If you weren’t at the World Domination Summit this year and think you’ve missed out, do yourself a favor. When you go look Chris Guillebeau’s collection of a few WDS2013 recaps, don’t read them through the “I missed out” lens.

Look at them and ask yourself how you can bring the WDS mindset to the people around you.

Ask a friend what their dream is. Then ask them what the next step is for them to get on the path to achieving that dream.

It’s a lot more fun than discussing whatever TMZ has to offer.

Darren’s first step to dream-dom on Day 1 was Take Responsibility for your future.

If you don’t, who will?

Photos courtesy Armosa Studios

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