When I first created my bucket list a few years ago, I added some things on there that I really didn’t quite understand or even know what they were, truthfully. Example: visit Silicon Valley. They were just ideas of things that I felt like I should do to expand my horizons.

That brings me to #11: Go to a Rave. My mom never came right out and said it, but I’m pretty sure she was a little leery of this being on the list.

Thing is, I’ve never really understood thump thump club music, nor its listeners dead-set on propping up the glow stick industry. So that’s why it made the list.

When I made my bucket list I tried to throw a couple of things on there that would drag me out of my little bubble and plop me down miles away from my comfort zone. And #11 certainly did.

Remember how I spent a few months in Sonoma? Well, one of my housemates out there is a little more worldly than I when it comes to these things. She’s the first person to introduce me to Dubstep. Ever heard of Dubstep? Me neither.

So when housemate Caroline threw out the idea of going to Lake Tahoe for New Years and catching a Dubstep (Bassnectar, actually) show all in the same weekend, I was on board.

I know some of you purists are going to claim that this wasn’t a true rave, but I’ll let the rest of you watch the video and judge for yourself.

What was it like, you ask? We had an absolute blast. It’s something I can’t really explain with words. It’s more of a feeling you have to experience first hand. And I know what you’re probably thinking, but don’t worry…we didn’t really even break any laws that night!

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