“What have you done that’s so great? Do you create anything, or just criticize others’ work & belittle their motivations?” -Steve Jobs to a reporter.

For years I’ve kept a notebook full of possible business ideas & things I’d like to do if I ever got the chance. But for years, that chance never appeared. It didn’t knock on my door or send me an email. If the chance was there, either I didn’t recognize it or wasn’t prepared to jump at it.

As for those who were actually doing what I could have been doing, it was way easier to criticize or tell them how they should be doing it than to do it myself.

This year, I’m not going to just sit around critiquing others, waiting for my chance. In fact, this year is already different.

Right now, my friend West & I are in the middle of a road trip to Arizona to see Auburn play in the BCS National Championship Game. As a part of the trip, several weeks ago we decided to create a special website to document the journey with photos, videos & blog entries.

We even offered sponsorship slots to people who may be interested. And not just for the money (Although, seeing as how I cashed my last paycheck 2 weeks ago, it was eagerly accepted). We didn’t want this trip to just be 2 random dudes rolling across the country. We wanted people to have a way to join us and actually be a part of the trip.

And they have.

We got 1 large sponsor, and we’ve had close to 30 other individuals & families who have pitched in to be a part of the journey with us through our website, twitter & email.

Still, every time I get ready to post an update, the doubts flow. How could I be so vain? Who am I to think people would actually care about our trip? There are likely hundreds if not thousands of other people making this road trip to Arizona. Why do I think we’re so special we should tell everyone about our trip?

And then I post anyway. And I get emails from people who tell me how excited they are & how they are living the trip though us since they couldn’t make it themselves. And the doubts disappear, because even if people think I’m vain, and even if people think they could have done it better, they aren’t the reason we’re doing it.

We’re simply doing it because we have the chance. And this year, I’m taking all the chances I get.

Follow along at http://www.GoingToTheShip.com or twitter.com/GoingToTheShip.