Usually every year on my birthday, I’ll sit down with a glass of wine, go through my journal and reminisce about everything that happened in the previous 365 days. I’ll look over my goals, celebrating those I accomplished and taking note of the ones I didn’t.

But my birthday was last month, so why am I bringing it up today? It’s been exactly one year since I relaunched with an entry titled “Start Here”. Before that, it had existed solely as a log of the 2004 Gulf Sailing Trip I made as a junior in college.

This time last year, I was about to start my fourth season in my dream job. I’d just announced that it would be my last season before leaving in January to pursue other dreams. Since then, this blog has seen me make a cross-country road trip from Alabama to Arizona to watch Auburn win the BCS National Championship Game, check numerous things off my Bucket List, get my sister engaged, and explain why I’m not.

This site has gotten me a few steps closer to my dream of sailing around the world, and above all, it’s helped me form relationships with some amazing people.

As any good year-in-review post should, I’d like to include a few of the high points from the past 365 days…

And a few goals for next year…

  • Get over 25k visitors to the site.
  • Grow the number of people subscribed to email updates to 1,000 (currently just under 100).
  • Complete the MatadorU Travel Writing Class, with most of the assignments being posted here.
  • And most of all, buy a boat and begin a round-the-world sailing adventure!

Whether you’re a first time visitor or one of the people who checks the site every few days and emails me complaining when I haven’t posted often enough, I want to say thank you for the support & encourage you give me every single day.

You’re awesome.

Bo is currently living in Orange Beach, Alabama trying to come up with ways to fund a sailing trip around the world. If you’d like to be a part of the adventure, learn more here. Sign up for email updates here.