If you’ve ever seen a sailboat tied to a dock or sitting at anchor, you might have noticed that the slightest wind or wave makes it sway back & forth. If you step on the side of a smaller sailboat it wobbles noticeably, frighteningly unstable.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” -William Shedd

Sailboats aren’t designed to be sitting at the dock. In fact, that’s a boat’s most unstable state. It’s most stable when fulfilling its purpose — sailing.

It’s when sailing that it heels over slightly…just enough so that the weight of the keel & the force of the wind in the sails balance each other to the point that they’re working in conjunction to propel the boat forward.

Without the keel, the boat would have the power to go straight, but not the ability. Without the sails, it would have the ability but not the power.

Only when a boat is sailing; only when the lines are cast off, the sails are raised and the dock disappears astern do all forces work together in perfect harmony to create a vessel stable enough to handle nature’s worst.