Almost 10 days ago I had the privilege of taking a last-minute work trip to Boston.  I got to see an old friend, walk around the city, work the Patriots game and visit Cape Cod.

This post was written on that trip.

It took me 2 lattes, a scone and a lemonade to find the perfect coffee shop, but here I sit at “The Coffee Pot” in Provincetown, Mass.  The salty Cape Cod air & smell of decaying fish permeate the streets of this artsy coastal town, hungover from the summer tourist season; its permanent residents enjoying the last few weeks of good weather before bracing for another brutal New England winter.

Driving to Provincetown this morning I was extremely unimpressed.  The road along the mainland was flanked by trees and brush making sight-seeing a non-event.  Then, you go around a round-a-bout and make the turn north and it changes.  A few hundred yards down the road appears a sunrise beyond words.

For some reason, sitting here looking at these pictures, I keep thinking about a guy I saw yesterday at the Patriots game. Shortly after he sat down to watch warmups, he had a heart attack.  Seconds later the paramedics were hauling him over the railing onto the field to give him CPR.  Almost 15 minutes later, they were still beating on his chest unsuccessfully as the loaded him into the ambulance.

One minute you’re in the stands eating a hot dog, the next you’re being hauled off by the paramedics.

There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy another football game. Or sunrise.

Don’t take tomorrow for granted.